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Together We Can Change The World, One Smiling Face At A Time

Have you ever wished you could change the world?

If you are like most good people at some point in your life you have wished you could change the world.  The only problem was that you didn't know how. We can't teach you how to change the entire world.  But, we can make it easy for you to help someone change their life and change the way they see the world.  In fact, right now you can help many people change their lives and it won't cost you a penny.

You Can Help

What you are about to read is a very simple way you can help abused women, hungry children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, people who can't afford their medications, seniors, victims of stalkers and much more...  And it's very simple...

No Donations Please

We are very greatful to all of you who contact us offering donations of food, clothing, household goods and all kinds of items.  But we don't accept donations.  Everything you see here is donated by Steve Nunnally and the wonderful people at NotJustWebsites.com(who are pretty much experts with anything and everything involving Internet search engines which is why we are able to do this).  We suggest instead that you contact the shelters, food programs and charities listed for your city on HelpByCity.com directly.  We know that they will be very grateful for your help and will get your donations to those who need them most.

What Most People Need

Did you know that what most people need to make a difference in their lives is information?  For instance you might not be aware that there are children are going to bed hungry despite that local community food programs are having to throw away excess food.  Yes, it's true.  The problem is that many food programs can't afford to advertise and their websites don't show up high enough in the search engines for anyone to find them. Maybe you were not aware that many abused women are afraid to leave their abuser because most abuse shelters can't afford to advertise and they don't show up high enough in the search engines for anyone to find them.  In fact, there are programs for the disabled, seniors, pregnant women, etc... that are available to help but many people who need their help can't find them.  That's where you come in.  You can help them find the information they need.

How You Can Help

Each and everyone of us knows someone who needs help. With that in mind we have provided a giant tool (The website you are on) which you can use to help abused women, parents of hungry children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, seniors and more.  It's easy.  Simply tell a friend, family member or everyone in your address book about this wonderful resource. Perhaps you will change their lives. You can link to our website. You post reviews of HelpByCity.com in online directories, phone books and of course with the search engines with a few clicks of your mouse using the link above.  Already you will have helped many people change their lives, people you know and people you don't.  But what if you would like to even more people?  That's easy too.

Tell A Reporter

Would you like to help hundreds or even thousands of people?  It's as easy as scrolling down our list of television and newspaper reporters to find the ones in your city.  Then contact send them by email, letter, fax or phone and ask them if they would like to feel good about themselves for doing a story that actually helps people. Explain to them what you have read on this website and how doing a story about it would help many people in their audience find abuse shelters, help for pregnant women, programs for the disabled and much more.  Ask them how it would feel to know that they had helped hundreds or perhaps thousands of people who see their story.

Click here to see a List Of Reporters In Your City

Thank You!

We really hope that you take this opportunity to feel really good about yourself and help others.  We would like to thank each and everyone of you who has shares what you found on here with those who are in need or may know someone in need. 

Together We Can Change The World
One Smiling Face At A Time

Steve Nunnally and the wonderful people at NotJustWebsites.com

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